Tommy + Weslea Pierson's Wedding | Massachusetts, US.

April 8th, 2018 we celebrated Tommy and Weslea Piersons beautiful love story. I was in Portland, Oregon, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee when they contacted me last year about capturing their big day. I can honestly say that I was and still am, beyond honored.

I met Tommy almost 10 years ago. To see him mature into such a strong leader has been such an inspiration. Weslea touched my heart last summer when I stayed in Boston for several weeks. Both Tommy and Weslea have inspired and encouraged me in unthinkable ways.

It was a freezing 40 degrees (yes, I'm a SoCal girl ;) on their wedding day! But I survived, it's ok. Weslea looked gorgeous in her beautiful wedding gown while Tommy looked handsome in his rustic vest.

The day began with Weslea's beautiful bridal party, all 10 of them, arriving at the church. We got started right away with some fun pictures of all the girls!

Once we got through all the girls' photos, we quickly hid Weslea away in her bridal room and got ready for all the guys to arrive.

Tommy arrived with all 10 of his best guys and we got started right away! I loved how energetic and excited everyone was. You could tell that Tommy had the best support from all the guys. Also, I loved how Tommy chose to have a junior groomsman. Little Micah rocked it!

I'm personally a big believer in first looks, but I love how Tommy and Weslea chose not to do it. It made the church entrance absolutely magical and powerful.

We made our way into the church where 400 people filled the atmosphere with excitement, love and anticipation. Don't tell anyone, but I cried 4 times.

Weslea and Tommy were truly celebrated the moment she walked in. People stood to their feet clapping, shouting, and crying tears of joy. It was absolutely incredible.

Ok, that was probably one of the best, funniest, most joyful wedding ceremonies I've ever photographed. As Tommy and Weslea walked out of the church, friends and family flooded them with hugs and congratulations.

Now that everyone was over the moon for them, we headed outside for some wedding party fun!

Onto the PARTY!

This reception was by far one of the very best receptions I've ever been to!! Everyone was celebrating the night away with dancing, games and tons of good food and drinks.

The reception went on for hours! Halfway through the party, we snuck Weslea and Tommy away for some quiet husband and wife photos as the sun set.