Balance. Is it Possible?


This word has been part of almost every conversation I’ve had lately whether it is among friends, family and even at church.

What is balance? Do we have it? Is it even possible? How can we do it?

All these questions have been causing me to think lately and I think the answer is yes. We can have it, it is possible and we can do it. How is the question.

Those who know me know that I am a huge advocate for daily balance. Having a balanced lifestyle includes eating well, exercise, having a healthy work schedule and prioritizing family and friends. This leaves room for traveling, reading, exploring and resting!

Unfortunately, what I see more often than not is the total opposite.

So let’s get into it.

Work. This is a HUGE part of everyone’s life.

Everyone is trying to make ends meet and be responsible. Everyone is trying to do the best they can all while striving to work their dream jobs. I’m one of those people. But so often I see people get lost in their work and that’s all they end up doing. Working. They work 13 hour days, 7 days a week and still find themselves struggling in all areas of life. Whether it be financially, socially etc.

This just doesn’t seem right to me. Picture yourself working a 13 hour day….do you feel like coming home to cook a healthy meal? Do you feel like going out with your sister, boyfriend or parents after that? Do you feel like helping your kids with homework? No. You don’t because you’re exhausted and burnt out.

What ends up happening that day is: You drive by the nearest fast food place after work, hurry home, eat, squeeze a shower in if you have time and end up falling asleep with the tv on. I’ve been guilty of this and it caused me to have an unhealthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

I am a huge fan of The Minimalists and what they teach. In a podcast about balance they stated, “Your priorities are not what you say they are—they are what you do.”


You might be thinking…that’s nice Janita but I have to work 13 hour days because I have bills to pay and responsibilities. Those are my priorities.

For that, I admire your hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, bills don’t pay themselves. I get it. So let me tell you about how shifted my life to begin living a healthy balanced life.

1. I told myself I was going to cut my daily work hours and work less. I did.

Working less does not mean being lazy. Working less hours in the day actually gives you the opportunity to be more productive in less time. Therefore, leaving you with a more time to rest, learn, travel and be with family.

2. I started to read more books on balance and work flow to add to my thought process.

3. I started packing healthy snacks for my day so I wouldn’t just grab whatever is in front of me when I got hungry.

4. I started to prioritize traveling more often and spending time with friends and family.

These were my four goals and I’m happy to say they have changed my balance completely. I now come home after work ready to socialize with my family. It gives me more time to fully devote myself to my business and my clients. I get a great night’s sleep and I have time to read and self-educate.

Did I loose hours at work? Yes. But this is a small part when you look at the bigger picture.

This next thought may seem odd and not make sense. But by doing these things I have more time for my church community. My bills are always paid and God has blessed me in more ways than I could imagine.

I believe this is because I stopped working myself to exhaustion and started to trust Him to provide as I committed myself more to Him and others around me.

Healthy emotional, mental and physical balance is the very foundation of our capacity so take of yourself friends and live the best quality life you can <3

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