Year in Review 2018 | JMP

Here we are again friends…

.......the final hours of another extraordinary year. The rain is falling outside, my diffuser is on and yes I still have my Christmas decorations up. No shame here. I LOVE this time of year.

My heart is so full as I reflect on 2018. Together, we accomplished so very much this year.

We shot weddings and photoshoots nationwide in California, New Hampshire, Texas and Massachusetts (!!!!!). We organized over 6 styled shoot events in both California and New Hampshire. WHAT? Still so pumped about that. I met vendors that became friends and worked with some of the most talented creatives to date.

I met and had the pleasure of knowing some incredible brides, grooms and their families. I had the opportunity to be a part of a couples forever legacy and for that I am so grateful.

Through it all I have learnt some of life’s most important principals:


Without it we can get so lost.


The only human quality that brings safety + growth.


Loving well is a lifelong practice.


This is one of the biggest lessons learnt this year.


You can’t build anything without a commited heart.


The Bible says without vision we perish and that truth has fuled my love for what I do.

These 6 foundational principals come from my faith in Jesus and are the foundation of my business + personal life.

I am awed at our success this year and literally cannot wait to get 2019 started!!

California, Boston, Arizona, Nashville? ;), Hawaii and New Hampshire….2019 + I are coming for you full of vision, purpose and ACTION.

Remember that we’ve been created to take action. We’ve been created to live + love and not to just survive!

I’m choosing to enter in to 2019 with purpose + action. I just got so excited writing this out.

Cheers to 2019 friends 🥂

(this is me smiling ear to ear because I am excited for what's to come)

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