My Thoughts on Traditional Education + Self- Education

As is a blog on my thoughts of traditional education....dun dun dun. Im kidding, it's not that bad.

In December of 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations. The road was long and trying. Honestly, I sometimes did not see the end except when I looked in my student account and saw I had "x" amount of classes left.

When I commit to something, I finish it. Whether it’s a degree, a business project or a simple daily task. This is what kept my mind focused through my BA journey.

Now that I have given you that piece of the puzzle...let’s move on to some deeper conversation.

I am a very strong believer in self-education, ambition and growth. However, I am not always an advocate for traditional education. Shocker right? I decided to pursue a degree because I knew it would honor my family and strengthen my business in some ways. I did not decide to pursue a degree because of what society and tradition teaches.

We grow up in a society that says... “Go to college so you can make money. It’s the right thing to do and you’ll be smarter because of it”. I could not disagree more with this societal norm. College does not make you money, it does not make you smarter and it certainly is not always the right thing to do.

What causes us to succeed is our desire for it. Our ambition, vision and choice to pursue is what causes us to succeed.

Traditional education has in my experience and opinion, stopped people from pursuing dreams. People like myself, who are creative and untraditional in many ways, desire more than just 4 years at a university and a corporate job that makes some good money. With that said, there are people that thrive in the educational system and because of it we have incredible doctors, teachers, physicians etc.

You see that’s the thing. We need to know who we are. We need to know where and how we thrive best so we can channel that uniqueness into what we love to do. Unfortunately, if you have a degree behind your belt you’re somehow viewed as a more rounded individual. And if you don’t have a degree, you’ve somehow missed the mark. At least that’s what society says. But that’s not true.

Some of the greatest public figures in our culture today are not college graduates. They are entrepreneurs who had a passion and vision and decided to succeed no matter what. Steve Jobs dropped out of college his second semester. The greatest part of his story is that he succeeded and he certainly self-educated throughout his life. I mean there are more iPhone and Apple users out there then there are Androids 😉

Let’s talk about self-education. What does it look like?

Education comes through so many areas of life. The people we meet, the places we travel to, the books we read, the music we listen to. All these things educate us. So my point in that is: choose carefully what you fill your heart and mind with because that is what will educate you in your life.

I was homeschooled and had so much creative freedom to learn.

(I support homeschooling 100% ;)

Therefore, college in my perspective, was just a tool in my life. It caused me to realize that a traditional, college education does not give me identity, it does not make me money and it does not dictate how “smart” I am. What it did do for me is cause me to want to self-educate more and not to rely on educational systems to teach me.

I have learnt that people are SO incredibly different in so many ways and traditional education is not the road for everyone. However, self-education should be everyone's priority because that’s how we learn and grow.

With all that being said. Go out and create, establish and be ambitious in life. Go out and read books, articles and even plays. Listen to all kinds of music and expand your creative mind. Listen to those around you because there is so much to learn from people.

Don’t sit around waiting for something good to happen to you. Go out and get it! We were created to take action, build relationships and grow. If traditional education is what you’re passionate about then go for it! If starting a business from scratch brings you life or acting, then go for it!

I'm proud of completing my degree (debt free too) because it taught me perseverance and commitment.

If you're a student right now, do well and finish strong! You can do it.

Don’t let societal norms dictate your future. We live in freedom so let’s treat it well <3

One of my favorites podcast to date that relates to this blog:

*note that whenever you listen to anything, shift through what is true and what is not. I do not agree with everything said in this podcast but I support the message*

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